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Product Overview

C ustom cables & wire harnesses for computer, communications, electro-mechanical, and RF / video applications, power supply harnesses, flat-ribbon, round internal cables, automotive harnesses...
Specialty cables: test fixture manufacturing, R&D cables, instrumentation cables, cables with molded PCBs & embedded electronics (smart cables), medical cables, military...
Power cables, domestic and international: US, European, Australian, United Kingdom, Russian...
Standard PC and Apple/Mac computer cables, SCSI, ATA, IDE, ribbon, USB, s-video, monitor, DVI/DFP, audio, CD-ROM, KVM... OEM equivalent intranet & Internet cables: V.35, RS-422/449, RS-530, X.21, HSSI, T1, T3, ATM...

Precision Cable, Inc.,  6601 NE 78th Court, Suite A-1, Portland, Oregon 97218 USA
Tel: (503) 222-4323 • Fax: (503) 223-0656

Your Custom Cable Source

Precision Cable, Inc. is a world class manufacturer of  custom cable assemblies for OEM and reseller customers in the computer , communications , industrial, military and medical equipment industries worldwide. Our combination of design, prototyping, engineering support, quality, on-time delivery, and competitive prices already provides great value to our large family of customers.

We feature the strengths of quick design services and prototyping that are critical in supporting an engineering effort during new product development. We have done a considerable amount of work with our clients in the area of
testing and R&D cables as well as custom PCB and embedded electronics cables. Test fixture manufacturing and new product prototyping are our specialties.

No matter what your type of cable assembly and application, we are pleased to have the opportunity to work with you. Here's how we can help: If you are in the early design stage of defining your cabling solution, we can provide engineering assistance and prototyping. If you are ready for a quotation and samples of an already specified cable assembly, we are ready to get to work to meet your needs. We do it all, from highly
customized wire harnesses to pre-designed molded cable assemblies.

" Here are some of the key factors that distinguish us in the industry:

     PrecisionCDataIcon2 Zero-defects Quality Program
     PrecisionCDataIcon2 Full UL & CSA Compliance
     PrecisionCDataIcon2 Top Quality Materials
     PrecisionCDataIcon2 Fast Turn-around
     PrecisionCDataIcon2 In-house Engineering
     PrecisionCDataIcon2In-house Design &  Prototyping
     PrecisionCDataIcon2Technical Support
     PrecisionCDataIcon2 100% Cable Testing
     PrecisionCDataIcon2Very Extensive Product Line

Over the years, we have developed a strong reputation in the industry for our cable manufacturing services to precise customer specifications.  Whether your requirements are basic or highly complex, we would like to hear from you.

Thank you for considering Precision Cable, Inc. for your connectivity needs. We look forward to working with you!

Come to us for Price, youŽll stay with us for Quality!

E-Mail or Call us Today: 1-(503) 222-4323

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