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Precision Cable, Inc. • 6601 NE 78th Court, Suite A-1 • Portland, OR 97218 USA
Tel: (503) 222-4323 • Fax: (503) 223-0656







Custom Cable Manufacturing

Precision Cable, Inc. is a contract cable manufacturer providing cost-effective cable assembly fabrication to customer spec, as well as wire harness solutions to  small and large companies in all technology based industries.

Our facility is fully equipped with the latest cable and harness manufacturing equipment and is staffed by trained and experienced personnel capable of handling your most demanding manufacturing specifications.

We feature the strengths of quick design services and prototyping that are critical in supporting an engineering effort during new product development. We have done a considerable amount of work with our clients in the testing and R&D areas.
Test fixture manufacturing is one of our specialties.

We use only the highest quality cable and components and the most advanced manufacturing equipment and tooling. In addition, our
highly skilled manufacturing and engineering staff ensures the highest quality solutions to all your interconnect requirements, from the very standard to the most custom and demanding.

Our remarkable success over the years stems from our strong engineering and manufacturing capabilities :

PrecisionCDataIcon2 High-Level Engineering Expertise
PrecisionCDataIcon2 In-house Design and Prototyping
PrecisionCDataIcon2 Fully Equipped Test Capabilities
PrecisionCDataIcon2 In-house Manufacturing

PrecisionCDataIcon2 Deep Expertise in Harness Design
PrecisionCDataIcon2 Top Quality Products & Materials
PrecisionCDataIcon2 100% Tested Products
PrecisionCDataIcon2 Expert Technical Support
PrecisionCDataIcon2 Custom Imprinting
PrecisionCDataIcon2 Custom Packaging
PrecisionCDataIcon2 Quick Turn-around
PrecisionCDataIcon2 Just in Time Delivery
PrecisionCDataIcon2 UL & CSA Listed
PrecisionCDataIcon2 IPC / SPC
PrecisionCDataIcon2 Highly Skilled Sales Staff
PrecisionCDataIcon2 Extremely Competitive Prices

We are also very experienced in custom manufacturing all of the following types of computer and network cable assemblies, in both PVC and Plenum:

VGA Video Cables, D-Style RS-232,  RS-449, V.35,  Twinax,  Coax,  25 pair Telco,  SCSI I, SCSI II & SCSI III cables, IBM cabling system,  Level 3, 4 & 5 patch cords, T1 cables, AUI Transceiver cables, HSSI, MII, etc.

Standard or complex, we hope you will contact us with your requirements!






Come to us for Price, you´ll stay with us for Quality!




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