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Precision Cable, Inc. ,  6601 NE 78th Court, Suite A-1, Portland, OR 97218 USA
Fax: (503) 223-0656 • Tel: (503) 222-4323

Category 5 Products

Precision Cable manufactures and marktets a complete line of Category 5 stranded patch cords for all your cabling installations, patch panel connections and networking projects.

 Our Patch Cables come in a broad variety of lengths and colors. We use only the highest quality cable and connectors and the best tooling available, to ensure the rated performance all the time without exception.

 Given the high cost of cable installation and trouble shooting, the importance of high quality, dependable, fully tested patch cords is frequently underestimated. However, experience shows that well made patch cords save installation and troubleshooting time many times over their actual price.

This is why at Precision Cable quality is our Number One Priority. When you buy from us, you buy peace of mind. So E-Mail or Call us today with your requirements for either standard or custom patch cords.


Category 3 Data Grade Patch Cords

 Ideal for your 10Base-T Ethernet network, Category 3 cable suports data rates up to 16 Mbps. We offer Category 3 cable in both UTP & STP versions.

Category 1 Voice/Data Grade

Supports speeds up to 1Mbps, Category 1 UTP is suitable for voice & low speed applications.

Come to us for Price, youŽll stay with us for Quality!

E-Mail or Call us Today: 1-(503) 222-4323

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