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SCSI Cables, Adapters and Terminators

Precision Cable manufactures and markets a wide diversity of high quality  SCSI cables and adapters, ranging from SCSI 1 to SCSI 3 and Ultra SCSI. We are known for the  top quality cable and connectors utilized, as well as our excellent craftmanship and manufacturing proccesses. All this  combines to produce  quality cables that meet today's demanding, high-speed SCSI requirements.

In manufacturing custom SCSI assemblies, we tailor them to meet your specific requirements while conforming fully to the industry standards for optimum  performance.


Please call us for any of the following SCSI cables, adapters and terminators:


Mini-D68 SCSI Cables
.8 mm ULTRA SCSI Cables
Mini-D50 SCSI II Cables
50 Position Centronics M/M SCSI-1 Cable
50 Position D-Sub M/M SCSI-1 Cable
50 Position Unshielded Ribbon SCSI-1 F/F
50 Position Centronics to 50 Position D-Sub SCSI M/M
50 Position Centronics to DB25 D-Sub M/M, IBM Style
50 Position Centronics to DB25 D-Sub M/M, APPLE Style
50 Position Micro D M/M SCSI-II
68 Position Micro-D M/M SCSI-III
68 Pin Internal Ribbon Cables
D50 SCSI Cables
D25 SCSI Cables, Apple and IBM

Centronics 50 to HD50
DB25 to Centronics 50 & HD50
X25 IDC to HD50 & HD68
HD68 to Centronics 50 & HD50

Centronics 50 & DB25 (Active & Passive
HD50 (Active & Passive)
HD68 Active (Internal & External)
Forced Perfect Terminatiors
Differential Terminators
Active Negation Terminators

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