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Universal Serial Bus (USB) Cables

The USB interface is standard on virtually all of the new PC's with Windows 98 operating  system. USB ports allow computer peripherals to be automatically configured as soon as they are physically attached, without the need to reboot or run Set-up. It's a whole new standard for plug and splay ability.

Precision Cable provides a full line of USB cables and adapters including double ended cables with Series A and Series B connectors, for connecting the Host to hubs, keyboards, cameras and other powered devices

We also market a wide variety of USB devices and accessories.

Introduction to the USB Standard

The Universal Serial Bus standard was introduced to provide a high speed, reliable, less expensive and simple method for interconnecting computers and peripherals such as printers, monitors, keyboards, modems, disk drives, CDs, digital cameras, etc...


        Plug and play technology
        Hot plugable
        Single connector for all devices that previously used serial ports,
        parallel ports, keyboard port, mouse port, and game port
        Broad industy support
        Window '95 operating system support
        Standard feature in new PC chipsets
        Simple and flexible


        Shield PCB connectors
             - Right angle thru-hole
             - Right angle stacked thru-hole
        Shielded cable pub connector with overmold
        Connectors will be 4 position with gold plated contacts:
             - 2 for signal on 2mm centerline
             - 2 for power on 2.5mm centerline
        Power circuits and shield, mate and break before signal contacts
        Plug connectors utilize crimp snag style contacts
             - Power contacts terminate 20-28 awg
             - Single contacts terminate 26-28 awg
        1500 cycles
        Connectors have detent style retention

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