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Video Monitor Cables

Precision Cable, Inc. manufactures and markets a wide diversity  of standard and custom video and video extension cable assemblies. We provide a full range of lengths and connectors giving you a variety of system configuration options for all leading computer platforms and monitor types

We provide video cables to some of the leading monitor and graphics board manufacturers in the world. We build all our products to the highest quality standards.

Listed below are some of the most popular  cable types: 

    PrecisionCDataIcon2 BNC CABLES: 3 BNC TO 3 BNC, 5 BNC4 TO 4BNC, 5 BMC TO 5 BNC

    All cables use 75 OHM, 28AWG color mini coax overall foil and braid shielding.

    PrecisionCDataIcon2  HD15 VGA: HD15 M to HD15 M,  HD15 M to HD15 F,  HD15 M to HD15 M

    All cables are 75 OHM, 28 AWG overall foil shielded.

    PrecisionCDataIcon2 DB15 VGA: DB15 M to 4 BNC,  DB15 F to 4 BNC,

    All cables use 75 OHM, 28 AWG color coded mini coax overall foil and braid shielding

    PrecisionCDataIcon2 13W3:  13W3 M to 4 BNC for SUN, Apple, Silicon Graphics

Our workstation video cables are constructed with double-shielded cable and fully shielded backshells and ferrite beads.

Our extended VGA video cables perform perfectly to 150 feet. When you do business with us, you can be assured that our products are built right with best quality material and unparalleled craftsmanship.

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